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Top 10 Electric Trucks in the International Market

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Posted byPriya SinghPriya Singh on 23-Feb-2024 12:04 PM


Here is a list of the Top 10 Electric Trucks in the World. As we all know, electric vehicles are the future, and everyone should transition to electric vehicles and purchase EVs. Despite widespread criticism of their lack of range and poor performance, the segments of electric pickup trucks and off-road red EVs are steadily developing with new models. India has set its goal to achieve 30% of electric vehicles by 2030.

The global automotive industry is undergoing a paradigm shift from traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric-powered vehicles. This is being observed across all vehicle types. Rising environmental pollution and the gradual depletion of fossil fuel resources are the primary reasons why truck manufacturers are being compelled to innovate and build electric-powered trucks.

We always assumed that travelling to work and around town in flying cars and jetpacks would be the norm in the future, but it appears that reality may not be all that, unlike science fiction after all.
The 21st century seems to be the era of electric vehicles, from modest city cars to big electric trucks, and as time goes on, more and more automakers are dipping their toes in this revolutionary new market.

So, here is the list of the top 10 electric trucks in the world-

1. Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla, An American company has introduced its first electric vehicle in the market named ‘Cybertruck’. The price range of Tesla Cybertruck is approx. 50lacs. The cyber truck is available in three versions with 250 miles, 300 miles, and 500 miles of range, respectively.

Originally scheduled to debut in 2022, Cybertruck's production line was completely pulled from the website as a result of the "window scandal" in which Elon Musk participated. But let's hope it can be deployed by 2023.

Features of Tesla Cybertruck -

• It comes with a top speed of 210km/hr. and a range of 400 km, 500km and 800km.

• It comes with a battery of 87.75 kWh capacity and it generates a torque of 1,356 NM.

• It gains a speed of 60 mph in 2.9 secs.

• It weighs 1588 kg.

• The amount of weight the vehicle can pull is 6350kg

• Amount of weight vehicle can carry 1588kg

2. Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck

The New Volkswagen Amarok hybrid electric truck will be based on the Next-Generation Ford Ranger. This will be a fantastic option if you're seeking a Ford electric pickup truck in 2024. Compared to the full-size Ford-150 Lightning, this electric pickup truck will be a little smaller.

This Ford electric truck is designed to offer the user a peaceful interior, a comfortable ride, and upscale equipment. It will have roll stability control and a collision aid with automatic emergency braking for safety. Although the pricing has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer, it might be marginally less than the F-150.

Feature of Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck

• Dimensions (LxWxH) 187.5 x 69.4 x 66.0 inches

• Curb Weight 4,196 to 4,700 lbs

• Wheelbase111.6 Inches

3. Xcient Fuel Cell truck

This Xcient fuel cell truck is made by Hyundai company. It’s one of the old and trusted companies.

Features of Xcient Fuel Cell truck -

• It is powered by a 190-kW hydrogen fuel cell system with dual 95 kW fuel cell stacks.

• There are 7 large hydrogen tanks inside this truck which offer a storage capacity of 32.09 kg of hydrogen.

• Its driving range is 400 KM. It gets refilled within 8 to 20 minutes.

• Its top speed is 85km/h and a 350 kW Motor by the company Siemens is fitted.

• Its total weight is 36,000kg as pull cargo. Overall vehicle weight is 19,000kg as a rigid truck and empty vehicle weight is 9,795kg.

4. Rhino 5536 electric truck

Infraprime Logistics Technologies (IPLT) company has made Rhino 5536 electric trucks in India. It is the First heavy-duty electric truck that is available in India. It is indigenously designed based on a transmission-based electric drivetrain that is the first and foremost technology used in India.

Features of Rhino 5536 electric truck -

• The overall vehicle weight is 55 tonnes and power of 360 bhp is provided in the vehicle.

• It comes with a top speed of 90 km/h and the nominal range provided is 250 km.

• It is packed with a powerful 265 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery.

• The battery can be charged from 0 to 100% in just 90 minutes and is charged with a 160 kWh charger.

5. Hercules Alpha Electric Pickup Truck

Hercules was established in Detroit in 2018. Their first electric pickup truck will be the Hercules Alpha. One of the most gorgeous exteriors belongs to this pickup. A plastic cover with integrated solar charging will be included with the vehicle. You can use this to get free electricity for your portable micro-grid.

Modular battery systems with high capacity are included with the electric pickup truck. For a 350-mile range, there are battery options of 94kW and 188kW.
A fully enclosed bed, chic LED lighting, 14,000 pounds of towing capacity, and a payload of 2,500 pounds are further highlights of the Hercules Alpha’s power.

Features of Hercules Alpha Electric Pickup Truck -

• Towing Capacity of this truck is 14,000 Pounds

• Payload capacity is 2,500lbs

• Horsepower- 250 HP to 1000 HP options

6. Ford F-150 Lightning All-Electric Truck

Ford's F-150 Lightning truck offers a superior driving experience, more useful technologies, and strong capability.

With an extended battery, the Ford Lightning should have a range of 300 miles, and with a conventional battery, 230 miles. When using the extended range battery, it will be able to tow 10,000 pounds. When using the smaller battery pack, its maximum payload is 2,000, according to estimates.

Features of Ford F-150 Lightning All-Electric Truck -

• Starting price of the F-150 is INR 3180000 approx.

• Towing Capacity of the F-150 is 10,000 pounds (Extended battery)

• Payload capacity of F-150 is 2,000 Pounds (Standard Battery)

7. Endurance electric pickup

Lordstown Motors's first product is an electric pickup truck called the Endurance. A 109.0kWh battery will give this vehicle a 250-mile range. It has a 4-wheel drive system built into it. The pickup truck has an electric motor positioned on each wheel, which reduces the number of moving parts and enhances vehicle control.

The Endurance electric pickup truck, according to Lordstown Motors, will feature the fewest moving parts ever built into a car. This will greatly lower its total ownership cost and maintenance costs. Their website states that the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck has a maximum towing capacity of 8000 pounds and a peak horsepower of 600.

Features of Endurance electric pickup truck -

• The Towing capacity of Endurance electric pickup is 8000pounds.

• It can accommodate a maximum of 5 people.

• The Lordstown Endurance electric truck starts at a price of approximately 41lac.

8. Ultra T.7 electric truck

India’s one of the most legendary manufacturing company of India i.e. Tata Motors. It has introduced its first-ever commercial electric truck, Ultra T.7 Electric. It is the first variant that the company has launched in the market, which comes under the ILCV (intermediate and light commercial vehicle) segment. This is the first electric truck that company has launched in the commercial segment.

Features of Ultra T.7 electric truck

• It has a motor of 245KW, which generate a torque of 2800Nm.

• It is packed with a 62.5 kWh battery pack which can be charged with an off-board DC fast charging.

• It takes only 2 hours to charge it from 0 to 100%.

• It has a driving range of more than 100 km and it gives a top speed of 130km/hr.

• It featured with faster turnaround time.

• It has a higher payload capacity.

• It has tilt and telescopic hydraulic power steering.

• It has air drum brakes, parabolic springs with an antiroll bar, and semi-elliptical leaf springs at the rear.

• It has tubeless radial tyres and allows wheels.

These are the best features that make it easy to buy. It will be one of the most demanding vehicles in the future. So, it will be a great choice to buy.

9. Renault 20D Wide Z.E

Renault Trucks signed a contract with the Carlsberg Group to manufacture 20 D Wide Z.E. It is the first all-electric 26-ton which will be available in the market.

Features of Renault 20D Wide Z.E -

• It comes with a 200-265 kWh battery pack.

• It gives a range of 180 km once charged.

• It weighs 28 tonnes and has a wheelbase of 3,900 mm

• It has two electric motors of 370 Kw which produce a torque of 850 Nm.

10. Tata ACE EV

Tata ACE EV is made by TATA, one of the leading companies in India in electric vehicles. The Tata ACE EV is developed by Tata Motors European technical centre (TMETC).

Features of Tata ACE EV -

• It comes with a total payload capacity of 500 kg. The vehicle’s maximum speed is 40kmph and given a range of 48 km.

• This electric vehicle comes with a motor of power 25kw.

• It weighs 1,600 kgs.

• Disc brakes are provided in the front and drum brakes in the rear. They are good enough to control the vehicle.

So always remember to shop within your own budget and, regardless of what anyone tells you, select the choice that best suits your needs rather than simply going with what everyone else recommends.

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