CEAT tyre price in India

Discover a wide range of high-quality tyres produced by CEAT Tyres of different patterns, catering to trucks, tractors and three wheelers. At CMV360, we proudly offer an extensive selection, including 419 different models of CEAT truck Tyres, 123 different models of CEAT Tractor Tyres, 40 models of CEAT Three Wheelers Tyres.

With CEAT, you have access to a diverse range of options, as they provide 10 different sizes of truck Tyres, 11 different sizes of tractor Tyres and 11 different sizes of three whelers Tyres.

Explore each CEAT tyre to find the latest price, detailed specifications, captivating images, and more.

In addition, you can conveniently compare CEAT tyres with other leading brands such as MRF,Aeolus,Nankang,Windpower,Hankook,BKT. We aim to provide you with comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

Enhance your driving journey with the unparalleled quality and performance offered by CEAT Tyres for your Trucks, Tractors and Three wheelers.

CEAT Tyres Price In India

Model Name Suitable For Price
CEAT WINMILE D 11.00 R20 Truck 25838
Apollo FARMKING 12.4 X 28(s) Tractor 18973
HULK LUG 5.00-10 Three Wheeler NA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, few of the CEAT tyres typically come with warranties that provide coverage against manufacturing defects and offer assurance of product quality. Current set of tyres listed within CMV360 has different warranties against tyres which varies between 1 to 5 years. It is recommended to consult with an authorised CEAT tyres dealer or refer to the warranty documentation provided by CEAT tyres for detailed information.

Certainly! CEAT tyres have established themselves as a reliable choice in the market. Renowned for their dependability, CEAT tyres have gained a strong reputation for delivering long-lasting performance and durability. **Few examples of the top rated CEAT tyres, as per CMV360 are**
Model NameSuitable ForPrice
CEAT WINMILE D 11.00 R20truck25838
Apollo FARMKING 12.4 X 28(s)tractor18973
HULK LUG 5.00-10three wheelerNA

CEAT tyres can be purchased from authorized dealerships, multi-brand tyre stores, and online platforms. Check out the CEAT authorised tyre dealers.

The starting price of CEAT Truck tyres varies depending on the specific model and size. Priced at ₹ 10267 Apollo Milestar 7.00-16 is the cheapest tyre, while the most expensive tyre is CEAT WINLOAD X3-D 295/95 D20, which is priced at ₹ NaN.

The starting price of CEAT scooter tyres varies depending on the specific model and size. Priced at ₹ 10436 CEAT Aayushmaan 8.00 X 18(s) is the cheapest tyre, while the most expensive tyre is Apollo Krishak Premium - Steer 5.00 X 15(s), which is priced at ₹ NaN.

The starting price of CEAT three wheelers tyres varies depending on the specific model and size. Priced at ₹ 10436 Braza Rahi 4.00-8 is the cheapest tyre, while the most expensive tyre is HULK LUG 5.00-10, which is priced at ₹ NaN.



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Discover the list of trucks that these tyre patterns are compatible with and select the best option for your vehicle. Take a look at the wide selection of CEAT Tyres patterns, including their corresponding truck tyre sizes and compatible car models, to choose the ideal match for your vehicle.

Compatible with Popular Trucks

Tyre SizeCompatible With TruckPrice
CEAT WINMILE D 11.00 R20BharatBenz1923C, BharatBenz2823C, BharatBenz2828C, BharatBenz2828CH, BharatBenz3528C, BharatBenz5028T, BharatBenz5528TT, EicherPro 6019T, EicherPro 6028T, EicherPro 6028TM, 25838
CEAT WINMILE D 295/80 R22.5BharatBenz1917R, BharatBenz2823R, BharatBenz3523R, BharatBenz5228T, ScaniaP410 8x4, ScaniaR500, ScaniaP410 6x2, VolvoFM 420 4x2, BharatBenz4228R Tanker, ScaniaP 320 4x2, 15000
CEAT FM Super 10.00-20/16BharatBenz1617R, BharatBenz4023TT, Hino500 FL8J, Kamaz43253 4X2, Kamaz53215 6X4, MANCLA 31.300 EVO 8X2, TataLPS 4018 Cowl, MANCLA 49.300 EVO 6X4, MANCLA 40.250 EVO 4X2, MahindraBlazo X 28 Transit Mixer, 17261
CEAT HCL Super 12.00-20/18BharatBenz3528CM, EicherPro 8035XM, Kamaz53605 4X2, Kamaz5460 4X2, Kamaz6460 6x4, Kamaz6520 6x4, Kamaz65201 8X4, Kamaz6522 6X6, VolvoFM 460 6x4 Puller, ScaniaR500 V8 Puller, 25321

Compatible with Popular Tractor

Tyre SizeCompatible With TractorPrice
CEAT AAYUSHMAAN 5.20 X 14(s)no compatible truck available right now3825
CEAT Aayushmaan 6.00 X 16(s)no compatible truck available right now5456
CEAT Aayushmaan 6.50 X 16(s)no compatible truck available right nowNA
CEAT Aayushmaan 6.50 X 20(s)no compatible truck available right now7679

Compatible with Popular Three Wheeler

Tyre SizeCompatible With Three WheelerPrice
Ceat 4.00-8 FLEET MASTERno compatible truck available right now1400
Ceat 4.50-10 AUTO MASTERno compatible truck available right nowNA
CEAT Auto Raja 4.50-10 no compatible truck available right now1530
Ceat Buland 4.00-8 John Deere5045D Power Pro, Solis4215 E, PowertracEuro 45 Plus, Mahindra275 DI SP Plus, Preet4549, ACEDi 450 NG 4WD, KubotaMU4501, Farmtrac6045, John Deere5105, VSTViraaj XT 9045 DI, 1579

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