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Triton Electric Truck: First Made in India electric truck

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The Triton electric truck will have a load capacity of 45 tonnes and a range of 300 kilometres on a single charge.

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The electrification of the automotive sector is accelerating globally, and commercial vehicles are not far behind. The Indian commercial vehicle industry, like the rest of the globe, is preparing for EVs.

But, unlike any other country, the adoption of electricity in the Indian trucking business is beginning with the last-mile goods and people carrier—primarily serviced by three-wheelers, commonly known as auto-rickshaws.

People's attention has now switched to electric vehicles as a result of growing petrol and diesel prices in India. The number of people in the country who use electric vehicles is steadily increasing. In response to this demand, electric vehicles have begun to be made in India.

The first Made in India electric truck is now available. Triton, a Gujarat-based company, produced it. In Gujarat, the firm operates a research and development centre.

Triton EV's R&D Centre at Kheda will become India's top destination for automotive innovation, producing EV Three Wheelers, Special Purpose Defense Vehicles, Electric Trucks and Hydrogen Fuel Powered Busses, and Scooters.

Research and Development (R&D) Center of Triton

Triton EV has constructed its Research and Development (R&D) Center facility at Kheda. Kheda is located in Anand District, Gujarat, near Ahmedabad. The centre is constructed in 1 lakh 50 thousand square feet area.

Triton announced their entry into the hydrogen-powered vehicle market in August 2022, with the release of Triton Hydrogen-Run Two-Wheelers and Triton Hydrogen Busses.

The plant situated in Indraprastha Industrial and Warehousing Park, Kheda, Anand, Gujarat, is accessible by the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Delhi Highway and is about 45 minutes from Ahmedabad.

About Triton Electric Vehicle

Triton Electric Vehicle LLC is a new and entrepreneurial Electric Vehicle startup based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA. Triton Electric Vehicle India Pvt. Ltd. is Triton Electric Vehicle (TEV) LLC's Indian subsidiary. TEV is a group of sophisticated mobility enthusiasts who design and build items for other enthusiasts.

TEV has developed the best vehicle in the long-range electric sector, with world-class functionality and safety features, thanks to the combination of technical skills and industry passion.

Triton's top priority is hydrogen-powered hybrid vehicles, as it has a long-term roadmap.

Electric trucks on Indian Highway

Electrification is a terrific decarbonization method; over time, the advantages will only grow as more and more renewable energy becomes accessible to power vehicles. There are already electrification attempts underway for two- and three-wheelers, vehicles, and buses. These are positive steps, but are they sufficient? Regrettably, no, and this is due to the lack of trucks.

India has about 2.8 million trucks that travel more than 100 billion kilometres each year. While accounting for only around 2% of all cars on the road, trucks account for roughly 40% of all emissions and fuel consumption from road transport.

According to research, the share of electric trucks in total freight trucks should be 79% by 2070 in hopes of achieving net-zero emissions. In that case, why aren't there any electric trucks on Indian highways yet?

There are numerous reasons for this, but these are the three most important reasons: lack of financial incentives, legacy transportation enterprises being mostly unorganized, and a policy for electric vehicles.

India is the world's sixth-largest commercial vehicle market and a significant exporter of automobiles and spare parts. Because the system has a wide ecosystem, electrifying the commercial vehicle industry will require the correct policy push.

First made-in-India electric Truck

Triton Electric Vehicle India, a smart mobility start-up, has showcased the industry's first made-in-India electric vehicle at its R&D Center in Kheda, Gujarat. This electric truck is designed by keeping a few points in mind like the ease of use, driving comfort, better security, smarter efficiency, and appearance.

This electric truck will have a load capacity of 45 tonnes and a range of 300 kilometres on a single charge. On a full charge, it can run for 45 kilometres without stopping with a load of 300 tons.

To charge it, the company has partnered with 16 other companies. This also includes a fantastic feature of onboard charging. The company's electric vehicle has a total of 12 gears.

These trucks would be hybrid heavy vehicles designed for both Indian highways and international markets. Triton became the first Indian vehicle maker to enter this sector with this announcement.

Himanshu Patel, Triton's founder and Director, informed the media that women can easily drive this truck.

For safety, the firm has designed an 88MM frame that takes turns and is not prohibited when overloaded. On the other side, it receives a whole site view for safety. It has two cameras, one down and one back, to keep an eye on the state. It also features GPS and navigation capabilities.

Hybrid engines that combine electric motors and hydrogen fuel cells can benefit from the high torque output of the electric motor as well as the energy density and range of the hydrogen fuel. Traditional combustion engines, on the other hand, rely on gears to provide torque, which might result in a less smooth and responsive driving experience.

Furthermore, because of the way the electric motor is integrated into the hybrid system, it can work as a generator to charge the battery when the vehicle is decelerating, and as a result its total torque performance is improved.

Where is the first Made in India electric truck unveiled?

The first Made in India electric vehicle is set to be unveiled in Gujarat. Trinton firm in Kheda district manufactured the electric truck.

Who manufactured the first electric vehicle in India?

Tata Motors was one of the earliest Indian automakers to jump on the electric vehicle trend.

Which was the first truck manufactured in India?

In 1950, Daimler made its first foray into the country. Daimler presented India with the first heavy-duty truck, the 'TATA Mercedes-Benz,' in 1954, in partnership with a domestic partner.

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