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Top 05 Pickup Trucks in India:2022

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Posted byPriya SinghPriya Singh on 29-Feb-2024 09:36 AM


Compared to actual, heavy-duty trucks, pickup trucks have a slightly different meaning. They describe light-weight cars with shallow sides and tailgates that have an enclosed cabin and an open cargo area. Although pickup trucks are not a new idea in India, they have made their way onto every road because of unique qualities that exude a certain charm of might.

Furthermore, the pickup truck price in India is well within the means of the average person, thereby extending their appeal as a popular vehicle globally.

Here is a list of the top 05 pickup trucks in India. Check out the prices, specifications, features, variants, and more for these top-ranked pickup trucks.

1. Mahindra Imperio –

The price of Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck in India starts from 07.77 lacs (on-road price).

The Imperio is one of Mahindra's top models and a well-known brand in the pickup market.
The Mahindra Scorpio Getaway was introduced as a direct competitor to the now-defunct Tata Xenon. The Getaway, which is based on the older-generation Mahindra Scorpio, looks and functions similarly to the SUV, except for its rear loading area. The Getaway is still heavily preferred by adventure travellers.

A single cabin or double cabin configuration of the Imperio is available, giving the vehicle a driver + 1 or a driver + 4 seating capacity, respectively. A 4-cylinder, DI diesel engine that complies with BS4 powers the Imperio. The engine has a 2489cc displacement and can generate up to 75Ps of power and 220Nm of torque. A 5-speed manual transmission that is mated to the engine gives the driver more control.

With a top speed of 120 kmph and a 55-litre fuel tank, the Imperio pickup truck only has to stop occasionally to refuel. The Imperio's wheelbase measures an amazing 3220 mm, and its 211 mm ground clearance guarantees that the truck can handle whatever terrain you throw at it. The Imperio has driver and passenger seatbelts as well as tubeless tires as safety features.

2. Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus -

The price of Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus in India starts from 06.94 lacs (on-road price). (1).jpg

Compared to the Pik-Up, the Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus (the most recent avatar) has a larger cargo deck. Power steering and a reinforced suspension system are also standard on the Maxitruck Plus. For greater versatility, it is available in CBC (Cowl Body Chassis) form. The Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus is available with either a 2.5-litre diesel or a CNG engine.
The fuel tank of the Bolero Maxitruck Plus has a 45-litre capacity and is equipped with 195/80 R15 LT tires.

3. Mahindra Bolero Camper –

The price of Mahindra Bolero Camper in India starts from 09.50 lacs (on-road price).

The Mahindra Bolero Camper is a four-door variant of the Bolero Pik-Up that is intended to be a dual-purpose vehicle for commercial and family use. The Bolero Camper has a more luxurious appearance, with metallic paint options and side graphics. The interiors are also well-equipped and have a beige colour scheme.

One of the best pickup truck options available in the country today is the Mahindra Bolero Camper. It can do any work that is put before it and does so with the ideal balance of extraordinary durability and superior power. The beast's 2.5L m2DiCR 4-cylinder DI turbocharged diesel engine produces 200Nm of torque and 75Ps of power under the hood. 5-speed manual transmission with FWD capabilities is attached to the engine. The Bolero Camper is made to load and unload quickly and easily, and it can easily handle heavy loads.

The features of the Bolero Camper include leather seats, central locking, power windows, and air conditioning. The Camper has a gasoline tank capacity of 58 gallons and a payload capability of 1,000 kg.

4. The Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up-

The price of Mahindra Bolero Pikup in India starts from 09.00 lacs (on-road price).

The Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up is also the most popular and widely used commercial pickup. The Bolero Pik-Up is a versatile pickup truck that is not ideal for a family. It can be factory-customized into a variety of vans, loaders, tankers, and towing vehicles. The Big Bolero Pik-Up is a larger version of the vehicle.

One of the newest models in the Mahindra pickup truck lineup, the Bolero Pikup 4X4, has performance that is readily comparable to some of the top brands on the market.

The Bolero Pikup 4X4 features a tough chassis and is quite sturdy, making it easy to handle high weights. The Bolero Pikup 4X4 is undoubtedly one of the top possibilities in the pickup truck market thanks to its sturdy suspension and sizable tyres. A 4-cylinder, 2.5L, turbocharged, m2DiCR diesel engine with 200Nm of torque and 75Ps of power propels the vehicle. The strong engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Although the Bolero Pikup 4X4's maximum payload weight of 1015 kg is not the highest on the market, it does the job effectively thanks to its 57-litre fuel tank.

5. Ashok Leyland Dost+ -

The price of Ashok Leyland Dost+ in India starts from 07.50lakh (on-road price).

Ashok Leyland may not be a name that many people are familiar with, it is one of the most recognizable brands in India's freight carrier market. The company offers hundreds of models, and the Dost Plus pickup truck is one of them that sticks out for all the right reasons. With a total weight of 1,500 kg, it is one of the highest carriers. The Dost+'s under-the-hood 1.5L BSVI 3-cylinder diesel engine has a 1478cc displacement and produces 80PS and 190Nm of torque.

One of the greatest pickup trucks in India, the Dost+ can compete with some of the top brands in the market, like the Mahindra Bolero Pikup ExtraStrong and the Tata Yodha Pickup.

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