Farmers will Get KCC and Rs 3 Lakhs Loan at Low Interest: Central Govt. Scheme

By SurajUpdated On: 10-Feb-2023 12:26 PM
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BySurajSuraj |Updated On: 10-Feb-2023 12:26 PM
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To help farmers to sow their Rabi crop properly, the central government has started the Kishan Credit Card Scheme.

To help farmers to sow their Rabi crop properly, the central government has started the Kishan Credit Card Scheme.


After harvesting Kharif crops, farmers are sowing Rabi crops and are busy buying seeds and other things for farming activities. To help farmers to sow their Rabi crop properly, the central government has started the Kishan Credit Card Scheme. Under this scheme, farmers can get a low-interest loan from cooperative Banks. Also, these banks are inviting applications for the KCC scheme. If you need an affordable loan to buy inputs and seeds for the Rabi crop, you can visit the nearest KCC camp and submit your application.

On the other hand, Chhattisgarh CM has passed a special order to all district Collectors to organize KCC camps in their district. So, most farmers, especially low-income farmers, can benefit from this great initiative.

KCC Scheme Started in Koriya District

According to state government guidelines, collector Kuldeep Sharma started organizing the KCC camp. These camps are getting organized by most Adim Jati Seva Sahkari Samities. In addition, the camp is accepting applications from various category farmers. Also, you can see the stalls of the forest department, animal husbandry, fisheries, and other concerned departments. In these camps, farmers submit their applications and get their Kishan Credit Card. Along with this, they also get numerous helpful information from the experts.

Kishan Credit Card Holder Will Get Affordable Loan

The central and state governments aim to provide affordable loans to farmers. Once farmers get their KCC, they can apply for a loan to Sahkari Sakh Samities. The great advantage of getting this loan is that farmers can repay it after one crop without any interest. However, there are some eligibility criteria that farmers need to fulfill before getting a loan under this scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for KCC Scheme

Let's discuss the eligibility criteria for this loan scheme by the government.

  1. The farmer needs to be a resident of India.
  2. The farmer must have specified agricultural land.
  3. The age of the farmer must be from 18 to 75 years old.
  4. Farmers over 60 years must also give the name to the second member.
  5. Small and marginal farmers are eligible to get KCC.
  6. Lessee and tenant farmers can also apply for a Kishan Credit Card.
  7. Farmers using PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme can also avail of this facility.

Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Farmers are Eligible

Along with farmers farming on agricultural land, fisheries, and animal husbandry farmers are also eligible for KCC. The central government has extended this scheme and allowed these farmers to get loans under KCC. As per the latest update, farmers can get Rs 2 lakhs loan at very low interest. Also, the repayment terms are very convenient for the farmers.

Documents Needed for KCC Scheme

So, if you have decided, you will get a Kishan Credit Card to avail loan facility. It's good to look at the below and understand the required documents you will have to submit.

  • Your Aadhaar Card and its photocopy
  • A map/khasra/B-1 of your agricultural land
  • Your latest passport size photo
  • Your bank account number along with your passbook
  • An accurately filled KCC application form

You can easily get your KCC from the nearest camp with these documents.

Benefits of KCC Scheme for Farmers

The KCC scheme is beneficial for farmers in many ways. They can get an affordable loan and easy access to other government schemes. Moreover, you also get other advantages such as mentioned below.

  • Under KCC schemes, farmers can get a Rs 1.6 lakh loan without giving a guarantee.
  • Farmers can get a loan of up to Rs 3 lakh at a low-interest rate
  • The loan repayment tenure can last up to 3 years
  • The KCC scheme aims to benefit 14 crore farmers across the nation.

How many Farmers applied for the KCC Scheme?

On the first day, around 266 farmers applied for the Kisan Credit Card scheme only in the Koriya district. The camps were also organized on Dhoratikra and Sonhat, where Rajoli Samiti provided its space. Additionally, 126 farmers got the loan just after getting their KCC. Now the program is expanding across the state and country. All the eligible farmers are free to visit the nearest camp and apply for a loan and KCC. It's a very beneficial scheme that will help farmers to get the required resources without meeting unnecessary paperwork.


Dear CMV360 visitors, we discussed the Kisan Credit Card scheme organized by central and state governments to help farmers nationwide. Under this scheme, the government aims to benefit around 14 crore farmers, so they can also get loans at low-interest rates. If you think you need a loan for buying farm equipment or other activities for Rabi crops. In that case, you can consider getting KCC on your name.

In addition, you can stay tuned with CMV360, as we share such helpful information regularly. So, farmers like you can benefit from authentic and proper information. Moreover, we have also shared our expert's comparison articles on various tractor models. You can read those articles and understand which tractor can be best for your farming requirements.

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