Scania Trucks In India

Scania truck’s price in India begins from Rs 48.00 Lakh to Rs 64.50 Lakh. Scania has introduced over 10 truck models from 320 horsepower to 500 horsepower category. This truck brand in India has launched LCV to HCV truck models for buyers. Some popular Scania P410 8x4, ,Scania R500 and ,Scania R500 V8 Puller.

History of Scania Trucks

Scania, founded in 1911, is a Swedish automotive behemoth that specializes in the production of heavy commercial vehicles. The company has been present in the Indian market since 2007 through cooperation with Larsen & Toubro, but it began operating independently in 2011 under the name Scania India Commercial Vehicles. Scania provides innovative transportation solutions ranging from tipper trucks to trailers. Scania AB is a leading Swedish automobile firm that primarily manufactures heavy-duty commercial vehicles. In addition to truck and bus manufacturing, they have a strong presence in the development of diesel engines for heavy industrial vehicles. After the merger of Vabis and Maskinfabriks-Aktiebolaget Scania, the auto behemoth began operations in 1911 in Södertälje, Stockholm County, Sweden. They now have manufacturing facilities in several nations throughout the world, including France, the Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and India, as well as Sweden. Scania began operations in India in 2007 in conjunction with Larsen & Toubro. However, beginning in 2011, the automaker began building heavy-duty vehicles independently in India.

Popular Scania Trucks Price List 2024
Truck Models HP Category Price
Scania R500 500 HP 64.00 Lakh
Scania G310 6x2 310 HP 54.64 Lakh
Scania R580 V8 Puller 580 HP 54.64 Lakh
Scania G460 Puller 460 HP 54.64 Lakh
Scania G 500 6x4 Heavy Puller 500 HP 54.64 Lakh
Body Type
Scania P 320 4x2

Scania P 320 4x2

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 48.00 Lakh
Scania R500 V8 Puller

Scania R500 V8 Puller

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 50.00 Lakh
Scania P410 8x4

Scania P410 8x4

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 54.00 Lakh
Scania G410

Scania G410

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 54.00 Lakh
Scania R580 V8 Puller

Scania R580 V8 Puller

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 54.64 Lakh
Scania R500

Scania R500

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 64.00 Lakh



Key Highlights of Scania Trucks

Popular Models10
Most ExpensiveScania R500
Affordable ModelScania P 320 4x2
Upcoming Models
Fuel TypeDiesel
No. Of Dealerships3

Scania Truck Dealerships




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Frequently Asked Questions

Scania trucks offers a wide range of commercial vehicles, including Mini Trucks,Tipper Trucks,Cargo Trucks,Trailer,Pickup Trucks,Small,Heavy trucks. These include models such as the Scania P410 8x4, ,Scania R500, ,Scania R500 V8 Puller and ,Scania G460 Puller and many more.

Scania trucks are known for their durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency. They also feature advanced technology and safety features, such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC).

The price of Scania trucks varies depending on the model, configuration and the region. It is best to check with your nearest Scania dealer for the current pricing.
Brand ModelEx-showroom Price
Scania G 500 6x4 Heavy Puller54.64 Lakh
Scania P410 8x454.00 Lakh
Scania R50064.00 Lakh
Scania R500 V8 Puller50.00 Lakh
Scania G41054.00 Lakh
Scania G460 Puller54.64 Lakh
Scania R580 V8 Puller54.64 Lakh
Scania G310 6x254.64 Lakh
Scania P410 6x254.64 Lakh
Scania P 320 4x248.00 Lakh

The maximum payload capacity of Scania trucks varies depending on the model and configuration. It is best to check the specifications of the particular model you are interested in to see its payload capacity.
PayloadBrand Models
1500 Kg
2500 Kg
3500 Kg

Yes, Scania truck offers financing options for its commercial vehicles through Scania Finance. You can check with your nearest Scania dealer for more information on financing options .

Yes, Scania trucks are compliant with the latest emission norms as per the region it will be used, it can be BS-VI in India and Euro VI in Europe.

Yes, Scania trucks are available in various body types such as tipper, cargo, refrigerated, tanker, and more.

Yes, Scania trucks are available with Automatic Transmission options in some models.

You can visit CMV360 to find your city's nearest Scania dealers. Despite dealers, you can also find Scania truck price, specification, and finance details to get a better deal on the latest commercial vehicles.

Yes, Scania trucks are designed to handle long-distance hauling and are equipped with features such as comfortable seats and advanced technology to ensure a safe and efficient driving experience.

The horsepower range of Scania trucks varies depending on the model and configuration. Some models can have horsepower as low as 100 to 200 hp and some models can have as high as 300 to 400 hp. It is best to check the specifications of the particular model you are interested in to see its horsepower.

The horsepower of a truck is one of the factors that determines its performance. A higher horsepower means that the truck will have more power and will be able to handle heavier loads and drive at higher speeds. A higher horsepower engine will also provide better acceleration and pull power.




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