Volvo Buses In India

Volvo bus price in India starts at Rs 90.00 Lakh and goes up to Rs 2 Cr. Volvo has launched more than 3 buses from 350 horsepower to 350 horsepower category. This bus brand in India has introduced school buses to public and staff transportation buses for buyers. Some popular Volvo buses are Volvo 9400 B11R, Volvo 9400 B8R and Volvo 9600.

History of Volvo Buses

Volvo Bus Corporation, also known as Volvo Buses, is a Volvo Group subsidiary company. The company was founded in 1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden, to manufacture school and passenger buses across different segments. Volvo is one of the largest bus manufacturers and has a presence in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Volvo commenced its production facility in Bangalore, India, replacing its former production facility in Irvine, Scotland. Despite Volvo Buses, Volvo Group owns many subsidiary companies like Prevost Car and Volvo Bus Australia Pty Ltd.

Look below to find some popular Volvo buses in India, along with their ex-showroom price.

Popular Volvo Buses Price List 2024

Bus Models HP Category Price
Volvo 9600 350 HP 1.3 Cr
Volvo 9400 B11R not available 90.00 Lakh

Body Type
Volvo 9600

Volvo 9600

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 1.3 Cr
Volvo 9400 B8R

Volvo 9400 B8R

Expected Price
Price Coming Soon
Volvo 9400 B11R

Volvo 9400 B11R

Ex-showroom Price
₹ 90.00 Lakh

Key Highlights of Volvo Buses

Popular Models3
Most ExpensiveVolvo 9600
Affordable ModelVolvo 9400 B11R
Upcoming Models
Fuel TypeDiesel
No. Of Dealerships18

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Frequently Asked Questions

Volvo 9400 B11R is one of India's most affordable Volvo buses, and its price starts from Rs 90.00 Lakh.

Volvo 9600 is considered one of the most expensive Volvo buses in India and is priced at Rs Rs 1.3 Cr. It's a 55 + 1 (D) + 1 (CD) seater bus, features 350 HP powertrain, and many luxurious features that make it one of the most comfortable buses for buyers.

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Volvo has launched many promising and best-selling buses in India under the 350 HP to 350 HP range.

Some of the popular Volvo buses are Volvo 9400 B11R, Volvo 9400 B8R and Volvo 9600.

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Volvo has not recently launched buses in India.

Volvo has launched its buses under 18000 kg GVW to 22200 kg GVW category.

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The top speed of Volvo electric buses varies depending on the model and the specific configuration. Generally, Tata electric buses have a top speed of around undefined km/h.

Volvo electric buses have similar performance to diesel buses in terms of acceleration and top speed. However, they provide a smoother and quieter ride due to the absence of engine noise and vibrations.




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